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A Successful Life

When I say I'm a hyperrealist, people sometimes think I don't believe in making dreams happen. This couldn't be further from the truth . In fact, I believe that without pursuing dreams, life is mundane . I am just saying that I believe hyperrealism is the best way to choose and achieve one’s dreams. I believe that dreamers who simply imagine things that would be nice but are not possible don't sufficiently appreciate the laws of the universe to understand the true implications of their desires, much less how to achieve them. Let me explain what I mean. I believe there are an infinite number of laws of the universe and that all progress or dreams achieved come from operating in a way that’s consistent with them. These laws and the principles of how to operate in harmony with them have always existed. We were given these laws by nature .Man didn't and can't make them up. He can only hope to understand them and use them to get what he wants . For example, the ability to fly or to send cellular phone signals imperceptibly and instantaneously around the world or any other new and beneficial developments resulted from understanding and using previously existing laws of the universe . Success is achieved by people who deeply understand reality and know how to use it to get what they want. For example, communism was a system created by people with good intentions who failed to recognize that their idealistic system was inconsistent with human nature.As a result, they caused more harm than good.Its perfection and brilliance staggers me.Though how nature works is way beyond man’s ability to comprehend, I have found that observing how nature works offers innumerable lessons that can help us understand the realities that affect us. That is because, though man is unique, he is part of nature and subject to most of the same laws of nature that affect other species. So there are many different takes on what is good and bad that each group uses to call others bad and themselves good, some of which are practical and others of which are impractical. In other words, for something to be good it must be grounded